About Eupora

In 1888, the Georgia-Pacific Railroad began surveying a route on the north side of the Big Black River. The final route was a line down the Big Black Valley, passing through the site of present-day Eupora. Engineers laying out the route of the railroad boarded in the home of Jim Eudy and his wife, Eupora. The engineers were so struck with the eupony of the word “Eupora” that they declared the new town should receive that name. The settlement was given the name of Eupora and was incorporated in 1889.

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Once known as “EARLY GROVE”, Eupora is a diversified city tracing its origin to 1889. With a population of 2326, Eupora is the largest of five incorporated municipalities in Webster County. Located between Winona and Starkville, Eupora has excellent accredited schools serving kindergarten through twelfth grade and is home to the Webster County Vocational Technical Center. In addition, Eupora serves as a branch of Holmes Community College and is only seven miles from the campus of Wood College. Mississippi State University is only a 30 minute drive east of Eupora, Mississippi University for Women is a 60 minute drive, and the University of Mississippi is only 80 minutes to the North.